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c. Construction

Construction Planning

Cost Estimates
Progress Meetings
Project Management
Construction Management
Interior renovation

a. Business Consulting
Organization Analysis & Design
Strategic Planning
Project Management
Change Management
Risk Management
Force Management Analysis
Human resources Consulting
Staffing studies/Requirements

LSA is a Wash D.C metro area based consulting company specializing in the following areas:

Business Consulting
Information Technology Services

LSA understands the complexities of today’s marketplace, from the ever increasing technology breakthroughs to the increasing demands of customers. We team with you to identify value streams and help transform processes and technology to streamline your workflow and expand your business growth potential.  

Every Business is Different – We Design a Plan That is Right for You 

Business Consulting
Business leaders are constantly thinking of ways of improving their products and services to keep pace with rapidly changing markets.  However, your business structure also must adapt to manage these new products and deliver services efficiently to satisfy customer demands. 
At LSA, our consultants team with you to develop a lean, flexible, responsive, sustainable business structure. This requires a refocus on the customer, your processes, your human capital, and your resources. We team with you to help transform your business into an efficient, cost effective operation. 

Information Technology
With new technologies constantly entering the market, many organizations require dedicated IT professionals to assist in determining how this new technology can better help them reach their business goals. A well thought out strategic plan incorporates technology improvements as process enablers, to streamline workflow, improve customer/employee relations and increase Return On Investment (ROI) Capital.  At LSA we view technology as an integral part of your redesign process. We work with you to design your business processes, determine the right technologies, and oversee program through implementation to end user interface.    

Services: LSA employs proven models to help guide the diagnostic, assessment, and planning process; and assessment tools that systematically guide the analytical process to aid in creating the problem definition; and, to render the right application for a successful solution. LSA assigns trained and experienced consultants and technicians to work in partnership with your team.  We assist you with strategy and policy development, technology requirements, organizational changes, and organization learning.

b. Informational Technology Services
Program Management
Database Management
Network Management
Content Management
Information Assurance
Web Design
Help Desk Support